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home_about.jpgThe Forensic Consulting Group, LLC is a trusted forensic accounting firm with a reputation for honesty, integrity and attention to even the smallest details. Owner and Certified Public Accountant Dave John gives personal attention to the needs of each client including attorneys, law enforcement, private investigators, corporations and individuals. Read More>>

Florida Forensic Accounting

If you've discovered suspicious inconsistencies in your financial information, you need the expertise of a forensic accountant that understands how to investigate fraud. The Forensic Consulting Group, LLC is a forensic accounting firm experienced in fraud investigation, litigation support and audit services.

At The Forensic Consulting Group, LLC we have the skills needed to dig deep into a company's financial reports and analyze questionable transactions to find the evidence to prove your case. We can also review personal finances to uncover hidden assets or provide a business valuation for divorce cases. We assist you with arbitration, trial preparation and can present our findings as a credible and convincing expert witness.

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