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Tax Representation Services

inc-woman-shaking-hands.jpgWhether you need tax litigation services or are being threatened by the IRS, The Forensic Consulting Group, LLC has the know-how and experience needed to resolve your tax problems. We understand the complexities of the current tax laws and can represent both individuals and businesses in South Florida. Call The Forensic Consulting Group, LLC at 800-581-5537 and let us go to work on your behalf. Our tax services include:

Tax Litigation
We offer tax advice and litigation services for businesses and individuals including income taxes, property taxes, managing IRS audits, negotiating tax litigation settlements and assistance trying cases in court.

Property Tax Appeals
We offer a full range of property tax reduction services to commercial and individual property owners. The Forensic Consulting Group, LLC can represent you before the property tax authorities to fully maximize your property tax savings and ensure that you are fairly assessed by the appraisal districts.

IRS Tax Problems
Having problems with the IRS? We can assist in filing your back taxes and work with the IRS on your behalf to negotiate a fair resolution to complex tax problems like liens, levies and wage garnishment. And our commitment to prompt, friendly service ensures that someone is always available to answer your questions when you call our office with immediate concerns.

State and Local Tax Issues
We get to know your business intimately so we can recommend practical solutions that decrease effective tax rates, enabling it to grow and prosper. Our state and local tax services can reduce your overall tax burden, effectively avoid penalties, and identify tax over payments.

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